Welcome to Paladin Security Solutions.  A premier provider of Tactical training in Firearms and Self-defense. 

Paladin Security Solutions is a Las Vegas, Nevada based tactical training company dedicated to providing the highest level of reality-based training and education available to Law enforcement, Military, private security companies, and responsible civilians.


Nevada Armed Guard Certification This course covers the state mandated requirements for anyone working as an armed guard in the security industry. This course will provide students with the complete 13 hours of education inside the classroom and on the range needed to qualify for carrying an exposed firearm while on duty.

Concealed Carry I (CCI/CCW)  This course combines the foundation of handgun handling skills associated with the laws and liability of carrying a concealed weapon. This course covers the requirements to qualify for a permit issued by the State of Nevada and the State of Florida. Holding both permits allows CCW holders to carry concealed weapons in 35 States. 

Handgun I (HGI) This is an introductory handgun course that covers the fundamentals of firearms safety and basic skills in properly handling a revolver or semi-automatic pistol. Students will receive lecture and hands-on training on the proper use of grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control.